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Job Locations

Presently, we work in Kansas and surrounding states, but we have consulted with preservationists in numerous other states. Don't hesitate to contact us, regardless of your location.

Click on the links below to get more information for projects that we have worked on in some of these cities.

  • Alma
  • Lexington
  • Mc Cook

Historic Preservation

Patience and the love of the job is a requirement for this category of construction. Where the past meets the future or in other words, new technology applied to old structures, can transform your historic building into a modern masterpiece.

Attending historical conferences and keeping up with new techniques makes historical preservation one of our favorite fields. Saving an old building from the wrecking ball gives us great satisfaction. We have consulted with the Kansas State Historical Society and its' architects on many historical sites in Kansas and worked on five of the states' 17 historical sites.

Below is a list of some historical projects:

  • Republic County Historical Society - Bellville, KS
    Complete renovation and reconstruction of 1870 log cabin.
  • Shawnee Indian Mission - Fairway, KS
    Porch reconstruction and painting of 1840 building. State historical site.
  • Cottonwood Ranch - Studley, KS
    Stabilize water well derick and bathroom renovation. 1880's building. State historical site.
  • Hollanburg Pony Express Station - Hanover, KS
    Major reconstruction of site and 1850's log cabin. State historical site.
  • Grinter House Museum - Kansas City, KS
    Back porch reconstruction and paint 1860's ferry owners house. State historical site.
  • Shawnee Indian Mission - Fairway, KS
    Tear off and re-roof 1840's museum and offices. State historic site.
  • Saint Joseph Catholic Church - Damar, KS
    1910 limestone church with a partial copper roof replacement.
  • Nicodemus Township Hall - Nicodemus, KS
    Early 1800's limestone structure, re-roof outside and interior renovations. National historic site.
  • Smith Residence - Rogue, KS
    1880's limestone house, porch renovation, roof replacement, limestone repairs, and interior renovations.
  • Exhibit Building at Trego County Fairgrounds - Wakeeney, KS
    This is a historic building from the early 1900's - Major renovations inside and out.