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Projects > Westside Storey - Overton, NE

The Peg Holen project near Overton, Nebraska started with restoration of 3 uniquely different porches on the rural farm house which had not been occupied for 37 years. Upon completion of the porches, the owner decided to rehabilitate the entire exterior of the home with the exception of the roof which had been completed 1 year prior. The rehabilitation included the refastening of 100% of the siding and restoration of all of the windows and door trim. All of the exterior doors and windows were made operable. Humphrey storm windows were installed. Minor foundation work was completed. Thorough cleaning, scraping, priming, and 2 finish coats of paint were installed on the entire exterior. Eighty five gallons of paint were used to complete the painting phase. The entire job took 4 months.

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